Saturday, May 29, 2010

To The Beach Haul

YIPEE! I finally went in to MAC to check out To The Beach (finally?! It just launched yesterday...). I was going to go in Thursday after work but I've been working the morning shift and I was just TOO tired. I know I said I wasn't interested in Marine Life, but I REALLY wanted to at least check it out. Anyways, when I hopped in my car I had high hopes that I would be seeing everything except for Marine Life. Well, I was terribly wrong. I was surprised to find that at least half the collection was already sold out!!!! But, being in good shopping form, I managed to spend way more than I had planned anyways.

Marine Life, Sweet and Punchy, all of the eye and lip pencils, one of the blushes and one of the lipglosses were already gone!!! But I did find something from Prete a Papier and a few regular eyeshadows to supplement my need to spend.

The first thing I picked up, I had no idea that I had ever wanted, but apparently I had. I hadn't been in to swatch Prete A Papier yet because I wasn't very excited about it. So, I just got Tissueweight online (because I knew I wanted it) and went on my merry way. Well, as I was fighting through the massive crowd at MAC I stopped at the PAP display and found a mineralized blush in Warm Soul. I had no idea how much I needed this colour. It's a really beautiful shimmery peachy-gold and I think it will be PERFECT in summertime! Who would have known?

My next little tasty was Gorgeous Gold eyeshadow. I never looked at this one because I figured I have Goldmine and I love it. Why ruin a good thing? And who needs two golds anyways? I was so wrong. This is a yellow with a green shimmer in it. It's amazing. I paired it with Lucky Green tonight but I also think it will be AWESOME with Sumptuous Olive!

My second eyeshadow was Lucky Green. I was so disappointed that I didn't at least get to swatch Sweet and Punchy that I grabbed this one. I've swatched it about a million times in the store and have always loved it, but never picked it up because I tend to do neutrals on my eyes all the time. In part because my job requires neutral and in part because my boyfriend HATES a lot of make up. This is a bright grassy green with a ton of gold in it. Sooooo pretty!

And now for my To The Beach stuff!

I grabbed the Firecracker eyeshadow. It's unlike anything else I have and, while I may not get a ton of use out of it, it's actually pretty flattering to my eye colour. It's a not quite coral, not quite red, which I love because corals tend to go too orange on me and red makes you look like you're hung over. I think what makes this one slightly more wearable for me is that it's got just the slightest blue based sheen in it, which cools it down just enough for me.

My next purchase was the Splashing lipglass. It's a really pretty rosy pink without too much sparkle. And let me just say, it clashes really horribly with the orange top of the packaging. Who let that one slip by? In the tube it is a lot darker than something I would normally reach to swatch but it's actually a really pretty colour. Everything in this collection makes me think summer. This one in particular makes me think of seven o'clock dinners somewhere on a patio.

My final purchase was the Lazy Day lip stick. Did I need another blue-based pink lipstick? No, probably not. But I really like getting the special edition packaging in lipsticks because a) I depot eyeshadows, special packaging or not and b) I think lipsticks are fun because that's the only make up that I actually put on in public. However, I was really pleased with this one anyways. It's unlike any of the other blue-based pink lipstick I have (which, let me tell you is a lot)! It's lighter than Lovelorn (my go to) but darker than Angel/Creme Cup, which I think makes it more wearable. Lovely!

So, that concludes my haul. I will leave you guys with a quick ELOTD. And let me tell you, I now have all the respect in the world for the girls who routinely photograph their own eyeball without getting the colour washed out or the picture blurry and extra props to those who can do it with their eyes closed to boot.

For this look I started with my Clinique Touch Base for Eyes in Canvas. I then took a flat brush and packed Gorgeous Gold on all over lid, up to crease. I then took a fluffy domed brush and brushed Lucky Green over the outer third of my lid. I used Vanilla as my highlighter and then put Woodwinked in the outer V with a pencil brush. Then I blended! A lot! When I do looks like this I really like the colours to flow absolutely seamlessly so that you almost don't notice it's changing. I finished the look off with a line of L'Oreal Lash Stiletto liquid liner on the top, MAC's Pearlglide Eyeliner in Blackline (black with olive reflects) in the water line. Then I finished it all off with a coat of L'Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black on the upper and lower lashes.

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