Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Merits of Fake Hair, Fashion Musings, Etc.

Yes I am seriously debating the merrits of extensions. Let's face it. I want long, bombshell hair and I certainly don't have the hair that can make that happen. Not even close. Yes my hair is pretty long but it's also dry and frizzy. That's not exactly the "hot" look I was going for. More of a hot mess.

And, let's face it, I am the kind of person who thinks that everything looks better fake. That's not saying I'm going to go all Joan Rivers and get a scary plastic face, but I wouldn't be opposed to a little "work." People always say, "if God wanted you to have long hair/ great nails/ a perfect nose he would have given you strong hair/nails." Yeah, yeah. But where does THAT philosophy stop? "If God wanted you to have clean teeth he would have given you a self-cleaning mouth?" I kind of doubt it. As for me liking fakeness, I should explain. I think there is a very fine line between fake good and fake bad. Fake bad is platinum blonde with a perfect golden tan in July with waist length hair, inch and a half nails and double E's or whatever the going size is now. I like practical length acrylics (and personally think they actually look better than natural long nails. I think fake boobs are fine if you're unhappy with the ones you have. Just keep them naturalish (because really, no one will believe you that they're yours anyways). I believe in a nose job if you hate your nose or an eyelift if you start to sag. It's all in moderation, baby, just like everything else.

So, that being said, I am debating whether or not to get extensions (once I have the cash of course, seeing as I've just spent all of my money on make up). I've always wanted really long hair and I've been growing mine out for YEARS. It just never quite seems to get as long as I want it to. Probably because I am continuously cutting it in hopes that it won't frizz quite so much. A. thinks that extensions look slutty and I will give it to him that often they can. However, I think that is when they are mixed with a bandage dress, black and silver smokey eye and the aforementioned double E's. Perhaps I will just grab some clip ins to see what I think.

Now, that being said I have been obsessing over fashion lately. I am both loving and hating what is happening in the fashion world right now. Nautical? So not my thing. Big, sloppy boyfriend stuff? Also not my thing. But the rocker chic and the romantic looks are totally my thing. I know since high school (which was far too long ago if you ask me) I have been mixing pink dresses with combat boots (except I do it far more stylishly now). But I do love a flowy floral dress paired with an awesome leather jacket or a pink cardi over a lingerie inspired cami with dark wash skinny jeans and some killer black heels with silver studs.

I have a little book in which I glue clippings from magazines of any kind of fashion inspiration. If I find a whole outfit I like I will glue that in. Or I will glue in single articles of clothing, accessories or ever swatches of colours that I would really like to encorporate into my wardrobe more. That way when I am going shopping I can look in my book and see if there is anything in particular I want to look for. I also love vintage but to be honest with you I don't often have the time or patience to actually go shopping for it. You have to sort through a lot of crap before you find a real gem and I am not always a fan of that.

On a final note, my LouLou came in on Friday. I totally discredited this magazine when it first came out because I felt like it was distinctly Canadian. But, after reading a few issues at my mom's house last time I was back for a visit I realized it has some great stuff in it. And it's also great to find stuff I can ACTUALLY buy. Anyways, this issue had a few great links in it that I'd like to share. is dedicated mostly to fashion mishaps. let's you try clothes on different models and create outfits. I can see many an hour being wasted here. is an awesome fashion blog. I am loving it. Totally love this girl's style.

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