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Giant Candles By Victoria Haul!

So, being Canadian Candles by Victoria is a total pain to get. The shipping from Victoria to my American friend's address is always lightening fast, it's the shipping from said address to me in Canada that takes a long time. Everything coming from the US always gets hung up at the boarder. It makes me sad. Anyways, because it's not the most convenient for me I tend to place two GIANT seasonal orders (spring/summer and fall/winter). This year I'm doing two giant orders and one mini order as my friend is getting married this summer and there was a candle I knew she would just DIE to have.

I wish I had hot throws for all of these scents, but sadly I don't have enough rooms in the house to have melted them all yet. So, keep in mind that the scent changes a lot when hot and my opinions may completely change once I've warmed some of these. I will work on and add some pictures soon.

16 oz

Edward Cullen (yellow) This was my favorite scent from my last order. It's lilac, honey and sunshine and it smells oh so good.

8 oz

CBV Surprise 3 layers - Yellow, Pink and Brown. The brown layer is caramelized pralines I think... buttery and nutty.

Strawberry Margarita (pink) - strawberry, lime and a hint of salt. This one isn't my favorite... I think it smells too salty.

Coco Mango (pumpkin-y orange) - OMG second fave of the order. Coconut and mangos. Reminds me of that smell you get when you walk into a tanning salon.

Mango Smoothie (papaya orange) - Strawberry, mango and peach. I want to stick a straw in this one and drink. This turned out to be my favorite in the order

Strawberry Shortcake (bright pink) - I ended up having to give this one away. All I got was chemical from it.

Vanilla Velvet (white) - nice buttery vanilla. Not too heavy, which is good for summer. Nice safe scent for picky guests.

Fruit Loops (peachy pink) - I get the fruity part of the fruit loops, but not the sugary part. It smells ok.

Mango Papaya (orange-red) - Another one that needs to come with a straw in it. Juicy. Fruity. Summery. YUM!

Raspberry Guava (bright pink) - This one smells SO GOOD! Thanks to Le Pooke for this one It makes me feel like I'm lounging on the beach with a sexy cabanna boy bringing me fruity drinks.

Texas Summer (yellow) - Reminds me vaguely of Edward Cullen. It makes me think of sitting on the porch sweating in the late evening breeze, as attractive as that is. Strong on the magnolia, with some lilac background I think.

Pomegranate Apple (green) - This one is a sweet candy-fruity scent. I love it so much and it's AMAZING mixed with Fizzy Pop.

Koko Aloalo (prettiest purple EVER) - I have no idea how to describe this one. Floral, green (but not in a grass way.. think light forrest after rain) and kind of juicy. Not fruit kind of juice but like aloe or something.

Peach Magnolia Raspberry (redish pink) - Perfection in a jar. Equal, heavy parts peach and raspberry with the sweet, powdery magnolia in the background. AMAZING. Not only my fave in the order, but my fave ever.

4 oz Minis (cutest jars ever)

Rose (red) - Not too much to say about this one besides it smells like a really amazing rose. Soft, feminine, sophistocated. If you don't think you're a floral person, try Victoria's. She will change your mind.

Marshmallow Campfire (dirty white) - It reminds me of those marshmallows covered in toasted coconut. YUM

Indonesian Delight (purple) - Another one I got from Le Pooke's video. And I'm so glad I did! Fruity. Floral. If I could be having a romantic dinner on a patio during a hot, humid night, this is what I would want it to smell like outside.

Scent Shots

(will categorize them by colour so I don't have to keep typing them!)

Peppermint Bark I love this one. It reminds me of the Starbucks peppermint mochas that come out at Christmas.

Winter Snowflake Peppermint and christmas tree. I think it will be really nice burning on snowy nights.

Marshmallow Campfire Still I am getting coconut from it. Yummy!

Buttery White
Caramel Coffee Cake Again the colour threw me. Cake, butter, caramel and just a hint of spice. Will be a reorder for sure.

Cream Cheese Frosting Got this one to mix with some others, but I'm not a big fan. I got a really chemical smell from Fresh Baked Bread and I get the same from this one.

Peanut Butter Cookies I think this one was labelled wrong. I got no scent out of it. So, when I placed my wedding order I got myself a new scent shot in it, as I'd had such strong hopes for it!

Candy Corn Sweet, but not too sweet. I can see this one being amazing in the infamous Trick or Treat

Eggnog I was really hoping this one would smell like the Philosophy Eggnog shower gel. It's not dead on but it's still a really nice eggnog smell. It will be a reorder for Christmas.

Honeybee LOVE! Honey and just a teeny bit of spice.. and maybe citrus?

Buttery Caramel I kind of get that chemical smell again. I don't know what it is my nose doesn't like. But it's butter and caramel.

Log Cabin This one is absolutely amazing. It smells like a big old plate of pancakes topped with a tonne of butter and maple syrup.

Nutella What can I say? Heaven! Chocolate. Nuts. YUM!

Snickerdoodle I think my fave bakery one that I got. It seriously smells like white cookies with cinnamon and sugar on top... and not just cinnamon and sugar.. but cinnamon and sugar mixed together.. so in some places there's more cinnamon, but then you get to a place with more sugar. Seriously. Amazing.

Buttercream Crunch I get a Werther's Original from this. Really good.

Graham Cracker Crust I don't know if it smells like a crust.. but I get Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal from it!

Caramel Latte Sweet, caramely, milky coffee. Amazing!

Oatmeal Raisin Cookie I get all three parts. It's SO GOOD! Makes me want to go and eat a cookie though...

Rae's Hot Coco and Marshmallows I get coco and strawberries. Weird. But really good. I love the coco instead of chocolate.

Mocha Flan I get a sweet, creamy chocolate from this. I find the coffee scents come out a lot more when hot.

Simply Delicious OK I hate to say it, but my nose hates it. It reminds me of the way a bottle of iron supplements smells.

Buttery Gingerbread AMAZING. I've raved about Grumpy Girl Naughty Pilgrim which is out only at Christmas and this smells just like it. Cookie, spice, butter, sugar.

Fudge Brownie This is the most amazing chocolate smell I've ever smelled. I will need to have one of these in the house on a permanent basis.

Apple Cinnamon Butter I love this one soooo much. Sweet cooked apple with tons of butter and sugar and some cinnamon.

Raspberry White Mocha Latte I didn't know if I would like this one but I do! Love, love love. This smells exactly what it should smell like. So good it inspired me to try one of these lovely drinks from Starbucks and it's quickly become a favorite beverage.

Spiced Apple Pie Smells exactly like apple pie baking. I've figured out that I am in love with apple scents.

Red Velvet Cake Love it! Sweet and cake-y with a touch of spice.

Country Berry Hotcakes Reminds me of those strawberry marshmallows you used to get at the gas station on road trips as a kid. I don't really get the hotcake part yet.

Pink Sugar Smells exactly like the perfume; caramel, cotton candy, vanilla and a touch of lemon and berries.

Cotton Candy I thought the way Pink Sugar smelled would be how this one smells. It's light, sweet and berry-ish.

Wildberry Scone Reminds me of penny candy again. Those livewire things. Good, but I don't get wildberries or scones.

Carrot Cake Cake, spice and a little orange peel. I think this could be a year round bakery because it's light.

Sweet Potato Pie Weirdly reminds me of Snickerdoodle. Still a good one.

Spiced Pumpkin Chutney My nose doesn't love this one. I get citrus, spice and crust (which I don't think is there). This one will be a warm and see.

Ginger Peach This one is SOOOO good. Strong peach with just a tiny punch from the ginger.

Citrusmoon This is a really amazing and complex citrus scent.

Fizzy Pop Open a can of Sprite and smell. That is what Fizzy Pop smells like.

Christmas Tree I wanted something to burn to make me feel better about having a fake tree. I think this is it!

Apple Cider I am so in love with this one too. Green apples, red apples and some spice. Will be such a good fall scent.

Jamaican Vacation Why didn't I get this in a big one!? I get a strong melon with some cucumber and some other fruits.

Tokyo Spring This one is weird, but in a good way. It's fruits and florals and like nothing I have ever smelled before. I will be reordering this one for sure.

Blueberry Cheesecake I totally get candy from this one too. More Livewires.

Bella Swan This one is ok. Floral and vanilla and I get a hint of grape. I won't reorder it, but I will try out Twilight.

French Quarter If I ever went to a whore-house I would expect it to smell like this. It's really strong. Powdery, sexy, feminine. Love it. It reminds me ever so slightly of deoderant ( but not in a bad, I don't want my house to smell like this way).

Best Friends This one is so amazing. It's like Pink Sugar with the berries on steroids.

Lilac I was thinking about getting this one instead of rose. I'm so happy it was included in my box! Smells just like a lilac.

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