Sunday, May 16, 2010

Maybe This Time It Will Stick

"Seriously, S? Another attempt at blogging?" I ask myself... And the answer is yes. Why, might you ask, am I trying to blog again after about a million failed attempts at keeping it up? Why should this time be any different? Well, the short answer for you is that it's not. I can't really say if this particular blog I will keep up. I know that my last five or six tries I've given up on it fairly easily, after realizing that I am too technologically inept to actually make my blog original. I hate that I have to use these preset backgrounds and settings! But that being said, my love for writing is far greater than my disdain for HTML.

I've tried out the YouTube guru phenomenon and, realistically, I just can't get into it. My lighting sucks. I like to do this late at night. And, quite frankly, I can't always be bothered to get "TV ready." And by TV ready I mean pile on a lot more eye make up than I would ever feel comfortable wearing outside of my home. Quite frankly, a thin line of liquid liner and some mascara does absolutely nothing for you, looks wise, in the world of HD video. I much prefer to sit here on my lap top in comfy PJs and no make up with a whole night to fill, rather than ten minute increments with a ton of editing (which, might I add, inspires a whole string of four letter words due to my aforementioned technological incapability). That and I feel a lot less stupid typing words such as aforementioned than I do saying them.

What can I say? I love to write. I have a writing gene somewhere in me and I would die if this was my career. I wish I could go to school for print journalism. I think I would be good doing it and, let's face it, the better you are at something the more likely you are to make some money doing it. I wouldn't complain about that. More money to feed my beauty addictions!

So, that is enough of my rambling. I know I don't read other people's blogs to hear them ramble like this. I will try to be concise. I don't want to limit this blog to make up. I feel like there is so much more out there (not that I don't enjoy myself a MAC haul - but really [honestly] I am deeper than that). My plans for blog attempt number 347,843 is to dive into my superficial world. I don't want to put my job, family and life out there (too much), so I will keep it at the fun level. I will mostly dive into topics of make up and fashion, including product reviews, hauls, looks and techniques. You can also expect to see some favorites posts, and I will try to include a "current favorites" at the end of each post. However, that being said, I will give some insight into my life. I will occasionally make posts about things relating to none of these topics. Sometimes I will post about my life, give updates on condo renovations (which are best described by the title "The Neverending Story") and random thoughts and feelings.

With that I will say goodbye for now and I will think of some good things to post about in the (hopefully) near future. I really want this blog to keep going, as I enjoy doing it so much. So, I will end this off with some current favorites (sorry no pictures today!!).

Current Favorites

My "I Love Fendi" sunglasses ($5 rip offs from Ardene) which are big, oval and tortoiseshell with crystals on the side - very movie star chic.

Zoya's nail polish in Maya.

L'Oreal Stiletto liquid eyeliner - it has a really nice felt tip so those of us who aren't so steady handed don't look like we were doing our make up drunk!

Avon Blooming Pout lip gloss - the $6 version of O Gloss.

My candle of the day is Candles By Victoria ( in Peach Magnolia Raspberry. It makes me wish it was warmer outside!

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