Thursday, May 20, 2010

Grumpy Girl Haulage

YAY My Grumpy Girl Haul came in!!!! Don't you girls just love a nice parcel waiting for you at home after the end of a really crappy day? I know I sure do! I just placed a small order this time, but I was out of their scrubs and I HAVE to have those (anything to justify shopping right?). You can find Grumpy Girl at:

I will start with my samples:

So, I got all soap samples, which is good. Sometimes a scent will surprise you. I am however, not a Grumpy Girl soap person. I find them all to smell REALLY soapy... with just a hint of something else in each one (with the exception of Fierce! soap. That stuff is amazing).

Drama Whore - I don't get anything BUT soap from this one.

Ralph - this is a Bananas Foster scent. I think it smells like that 99 Bananas liquor. I will probably r/o this one in a sugar scrub at some point.

Strawberry Moonshine - this is the least soapy of the three for sure. It smells like the strawberry body butter from The Body Shop.

Now for the fun stuff!!!

Lip Crack - Ralph - This is bananas foster chap stick. I really wanted to be head over heels in love with this but I'm not. It gets a 10/10 for lip care. It's super moisturizing. However, I don't think it either smells OR tastes like anything... at that point I can use Vaseline. I might give one other flavour a try, but so far I can't see this being a favorite.

Goats Milk, Shea Butter and Honey Body Lotion - Girly Girl ($5 for 2oz) - I decided to try this is the small size to see if I liked the body lotion (you can get 8oz for $12). This stuff is amazing! It's super moisturizing without being greasy, highly scented and the scent lasts forever!!! Girly Girl is a Pink Sugar dupe and realistically this lotion is 100 times better than the Pink Sugar lotion that cost me twice as much. < 3

And now on to my delicious sugar scrubs. These can be found on the website under Buttah Cream Sugah Scrub($11 for 8.25oz) or Sugah Scrub Sampler Singles($5 for 3oz). I mostly use these to scrub down my arms to keep those pesky bumps away, so I chose the sampler size so I could get more scents! They have Original and Foaming options. I like both of the textures but I tend to go for the original as I prefer a more abrasive scrub. If you like something a little more on the gentle side I recommend the foaming. The reason I love these scrubs so much is that they AREN'T OILY!!!!! I love, love, love the scent of the Neutrogena citrus scrub, but I have to re-soap myself over again just to get the water to touch my skin. Nothing like water droplets forming on your skin post-shower. If there's one thing that will keep me coming back to Grumpy Girl it is the scrubs!

3 Bears - I won't name any names when it comes to LUSHious scents, as we've all learned from the Candles by Victoria drama. 3 Bears is an oatmeal/fruit/citrus combo. I've never smelled the soap version of this scent, but I have to say I don't totally love it. I get some black licorice out of it. I don't know if I am supposed to!

Candied Toffee Crunch - This is described as "rich, buttery toffee with a hint of brown sugar." And that is exactly what I get from this. Love!

Draft Up My Skirt - Described as "fresh summer breezes, warm florals, light ozone and sunshine blow through green meadows." Although the colour of this one is A-MAZ-ING, I am not totally sold on the scent, as a scrub anyways. To me, I get fresh laundry (like a Bounce sheet) and, while I love that scent, I'm not sure I want my shower to smell like it. We'll see though.

Fierce! - This one is the honey, toffee, citrus LUSHious scent we all know and love. I think it's a pretty great dupe (and I love the day-glo purple). And, I will mention again, if you are dead set on getting a Grumpy Girl soap, get this one.

Porn Star in Pink Panties - Between the smell of this and the nuclear waste pink I am lost for words. This is by far my fave (even dethroning my beloved Girly Girl). This has a seriously long scent description on the website to I will break it down to citrus, light florals, pear, plum, apricot, red lychee, musk, ceaderwood, and a "swirl of white chocolate and fluffy pink cupcakes." My nose is no where near sophisticated enough to smell ALL of those notes, but I do smell rose first off. I get a little citrus and some fruit (mostly plum I think) and then just a tiny hint of sugar tops it off. AMAZINGGGGG!!!!

Twinkie - I bet you'll never guess what this is supposed to smell like!! I have to say I haven't smelled a real Twinkie in years and years. This is a good scent, although not my favorite of the bunch. It's sugary and cakey. What can be bad about that?

So, go and check out Grumpy Girl! I believe that we all need to support the little guys!

Candle of the Day:
Candles by Victoria - Fizzy Pop (smells like 7-Up!)

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