Saturday, November 5, 2011

October Loves

A quick diet update before I get to my loves.

I've managed to gain (wa wa) 2.1lbs, but I'm really hoping it's due to my gym visits. I hit up the gym 3 times last week and kept my diet fairly reasonable (with the exception of one night of take out after trafficaggeddon).

I also grabbed an AMAZING app for my iPhone called My Net Diary Pro. I think it was about $2.00 and it calculates the amount of calories you're burning and the amount you should be consuming. It also has a barcode scanner on it so you can scan a grocery item and the nutrition fact automatically enter into your calories. It also gives you thumbs up and down at the end of the day. For example yesterday it congratulated me for having 0g of trans fat, reducing risk of heart disease and my thumbs down was not having 5g of fibre for breakfast.

So, hopefully this time will be a success.

Now onto my October Loves!!!

Nars Sheer Matte foundation - This is the first high end foundation I've sucked it up and paid for, and I absolutely love it!! I don't know if the coverage is a whole lot better than say, Revlon Colourstay, but it's the longevity that really impresses me. I put my foundation on just over twelve hours ago and it still looks almost as fresh as it did this morning (with no touch ups). I'm someone who normally oils up around my t-zone within a couple of hours typically, but with this Sheer Matte I just get a hint of dewiness.

OPI's French Quarter for your Thoughts - REAL GRAY!!! I thought it would be a dead hand kind of colour on my, but it actually compliments my skin tone quite a bit. I love this colour so much!!! It is also a really easy to wear colour and goes with just about everything. OPI's Ginger Bells is another favorite of mine, but it clashes with a lot of clothes. Run and grab it while it's still out!!!

Revlon's Copper Penny - Another nail polish, but this one is effing beautiful!!!! It looks exactly like a brand new penny. It's kind of a half matte colour without a top coat, and with it is beautiful and glossy. The Revlon metallic polishes this season have been really fabulous.

MAC Sheen Supreme lipsticks - Bare Again is my favorite right now. It's very different from my typical blue based pink that I typically choose. They have a ton of colour and are so moisturizing and shiny. The only downside is that they aren't particularly long wearing.

BBW Leaves & Cozy Autumn Vanilla - OK so my house has smelled like Leaves since it was re-released this fall LOL. I have candles in that scent everywhere and I also have a Wallflower going near my front entrance. So amazing! Cozy Autumn Vanilla is that slutty vanilla scent, but it's so amazing. I've grabbed so many of the lotions when they went 75% off I will smell like a whore forever!!!

Getting to wear boots again! - Let's put it this way... as much as I looooove summer, it's often most important to stay cool and fashionable comes second. In the fall time it's so much easier to look cute! And really.. skinnies, a chunky sweater and some UGGs are way more comfy.

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