Friday, November 11, 2011

Confessions of a Shopaholic

I admit it. Every now and again I get a nasty bite from the shopping bug. Especially when there are 20% off codes (thanks Sephora) and Christmas shopping happening!!!! I find that whenever I go out to get Christmas gifts I seem to come home with one for me, one for a loved one... That can't be normal.

Recently I've gone on a monstrous hauling phase. THERE HAVE JUST BEEN TOO MANY GOOD SALES!!!!!!!!! Ok, Ok. That's just an excuse. Unfortunately I don't have photos because a) my lighting is almost as bad as my camera and b) I just haven't found a good set up for photos. I know this makes for a rather dull beauty blog, but I'm working on it. I think I might actually attempt to blog from my iPhone and see what happens.

Anyways some recent good purchases:

Brown boots from Payless! They're so cute and will look amazing with some skinnies.

Bath and Body Works: I went to the grand opening at Metrotown a few weekends ago with a 10% off coupon in hand. Also, the first 50 people got a gift card AND buy three get three was on. So, I got a bunch of signature products for Christmas gifts and I got myself a set of Dark Kiss and a set of Sensual Amber. I also picked up the cute Christmas Scent Portables for stocking stuffers and a few Wallflower refills - Peppermint Bark!

Body Shop also had some crazy buy two get two sale going on so I grabbed four body butters. Two of the cranberry, a satsuma and a pink grapefruit.

Finally, I went to MAC and picked up two of their holiday release Paint Pots. I grabbed Let's Skate! and Morning Frost. I LOOOOVE Morning Frost. I thought I loved Let's Skate too, but on my eyes it's a bit of a hot mess. Maybe I just need to work with it some more....

I've also grabbed a crapload of stuff from Sephora, but that will all be in my Christmas Haul, when I hopefully have pictures!!!

What have you hauled lately?!


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Candle of the day: Candles By Victoria - Peppermint Bark

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