Sunday, October 23, 2011

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

Sunday evenings. Perhaps the most depressing evening out there. You know there are five long days of work ahead of you and, regardless of how much you like or dislike your job, it's nearly impossible to imagine yourself surviving another five days. Oh Sundays.

So, what's new with me after another long absence... which really is to be expected by now. I'm on a spending coo at the moment. I've realized that somehow I've managed to shop myself into a huge accumulation of "back ups" and "options" and it's gotten a little beyond ridiculous. Options are good. 10,000 options is not as good.

I went on a giant make up purge today. There's a program on the downtown east side in Vancouver that accepts "gently used" cosmetics for women in need, so I feel a little bit better about sending my bright orange Dazzleglass to someone who will love it than to the trash (really.. orange.. what was I thinking?) Besides the purge, I'm not buying any new make up items (besides necessities that I run out of obviously). I don't have a ton of money right now and it just doesn't make sense to pack more make up that I don't use into my bathroom. I don't wear make up to work because I don't feel like it's particularly appropriate at the hospital. And on the weekends A HATES a lot of make up. He says it looks clownesque, so I wear a natural look most of the time.

As for candles I've also stopped buying those (and BBW Wallflowers... I got a little obsessed). I have enough wax to last me years, so I am going to burn through most of that before I order or buy any more. Same as any product from BBW really (although I am going to allow myself ONE Vanilla Bean Noelle lotion). I have a ton of body products and Pocket Bacs and just don't need any more until I've just about used them up.

I am not buying any more clothes until I've worn out some of the ones I have. I seem to use all the same things each day anyways and I'm sick of not being able to fit anything into my closet. Really, I wear scrubs five days a week anyways. I don't really need a whole closet full of things.

Finally, as I sit here munching candy corn like it won't be back next year I'm singing that Weird Al song, "I'm fat, I'm fat, I'm really, really fat." After a few years of really dedicated gym visits I got really tired of getting up at five every morning, so I let myself have one sleep in and that was it. I was done and, besides a sporadic visit here and there, I haven't been since. I am at the heaviest I have ever been and it just sickens me. That's part of the reason I am going on a no clothing binge too. I wear hoodies over everything so you can't see my giant muffin top. So, it's come time for me to suck it up and set my alarm an hour earlier and start doing this again. I want to look better and feel better. If you start sweating trying on shoes there's a major problem.

So, with that I will brave it and tell you guys that on the first day of my diet blog I am 190lbs and ready to change. I think I will aim to have a weekly update and weigh in to keep me accountable.

Finally, I'm thinking I will end every blog post with a few "of the day" items/looks. So, for today:

Today I'm burning BBW Apple Crumble.

Nail of the day: OPI Ginger Bells with OPI Pros & Bronze on top. It looks fab!!!


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