Thursday, December 1, 2011

November Loves

     First things first - how is it already December!?!??!?!? November just FLEW by. It was supposed to be my "weed through the closets and storage room and throw crap out" month, but apparently that never got a chance to happen.

     I tend to have a pretty blah November make up routine. I LOOOOVE Halloween and fall so I tend to be going out a lot more often in October and I just kind of get tired of make up (well... sort of). This month is cruel to my skin and it's not QUITE time for holiday looks, but it's beyond those nice warm fall looks.

     I feel like my favorites this month are pretty random. Oh well. I will begin with nail polishes. After wearing a ton of browns, greens and oranges in the fall I've kind of fallen head over heels for metallics and glitters. I'm craving red and green glitters, but just couldn't justify them until the beginning of December.

L-R: China Glaze - Material Girl, OPI - French Quarter for Your Thoughts, OPI - Warm & Fozzy, Revlon - Copper Penny

     So I admit that two of these polishes came into my life just last week, but for the whole beginning of November I rotated Copper Penny and French Quarter. Since I received Material Girl and W&F I've had one or the other of those on my fingers!

     I posted last Friday about my total cream shadow obsession. These two shades I've been wearing faithfully throughout November. If you didn't see my cream shadow post - these two may look identical in the pot, but swatched the Benefit is a lot darker where as the MAC shade is more of a shimmery metallic barely there.

L-R: Benefit - Foiled, MAC - Morning Frost

     This is totally random, but I've been loving my BioOil. My hair is really long so it gets really dry and frizzy once the colder months begin. So, to keep my hair silky I put this in the ends of my hair on the evening before I wash it (I'm a morning washer). It makes your hair look really greasy and nasty while it's in there, but once I've washed it out my hair feels like I've just had a trim!

     I have to go scent free Monday to Friday, so when the weekend comes I LOVE smelling nice! I've actually been loving three different BBW scents this November, but sadly I am all out of Cozy Autumn Vanilla. I bought a bottle of the lotion for my mom for Christmas, but I'm almost thinking I may steal it... Winter Candy Apple is the perfect "bridging" scent for me from fall to the holidays. The apple makes it fall appropriate and the musky sweetness makes it holiday ready! Finally, one that I love all year round - Dark Kiss. This one is a raspberry vanilla musk scent. BBW's best IMO.

     Finally, I've been in love with MAC's Sheen Supreme lipstick in Bare Again. They remind me a lot of the lustres only with more colour. This is also a shade that my bestie picked out for me. I typically go for pinks, usually blue based, so going shopping with her pulls me out of my comfort zone. Bare Again is described at a pinky neutral beige, so really it's not THAT far out of my comfort zone, but I'm working on it! The warmth of the brownish undertone makes this more fall appropriate.

MAC Sheen Supreme - Bare Again

     A few total randoms - BBW Leaves Wallflowers. How did I live before these?? New Lord John book by Diana Gabaldon released. I haven't got it yet (it's in the mail) but I am excited to read it!!!! The faux fur lines hoodies I grabbed at Old Navy. They're SO WARM (although they make you look a bit like a marshmallow). No more freezing in movies for me.

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