Sunday, March 20, 2011

Take Two

Well, here I go again - starting a blog and then abandoning it just when I see where it's going. I'm going to keep going with this one though, but I'm giving it a make-over (don't we all need one of those this time of year?). So, A Daily Dose of All Things Beautiful has transformed into Beautiful Ramblings. And instead of being a beauty-related only blog it has transformed into a beauty and life related blog. I will chit chat about anything I darn well please.

I figure seeing as I've been out of the blogging game for so long I will start off with a nice easy Take It or Leave It II post.

SPRING! - Can I say how happy I am that spring has been with us for close to an hour already? I feel like I've made it through one more winter! And Peeps are out. YUM!

Texture in Hair - I am so happy that hair is more than just pin straight. I feel so glad to wake up every morning and not feel like I am fighting with my hair.

Goals - This one sounds a little odd, but I feel as though I've been making a lot of goals lately and I'm really staying dedicated. It's changing my day to day life from surviving to having a purpose.

Fashion - Right now I look in the fashion mags and the first thing that goes through my head is... "ughhhhh." Not the reaction you really want to have. Normally I am pretty adventurous with fashion... but right now all of the mixing prints and weird shapes?? I feel like in fifteen years fashion today will be worse than the big perms of the 80's.

Pastel Nail Polish - OK that's partly a lie. I love how they look. I HATE sitting around for hours fighting with them to make them look alright. Last night I painted my nails peach... when I woke up I realized they looked terrible. So, I painted them yellow this morning and they were so streaky and gross that I took the polish off right away. Then I went to my amazing signature hot pink, because it works.

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