Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Reading Cook Books and French Manicures

First I would like to take a moment to remember Miss Elizabeth Taylor; an incredibly beautiful woman and one of my icons....

I am sad to see her go.

Sometimes I wonder if I aspire to be too much.. (wonder? I'm pretty sure I know...). Sometimes I feel like I need to spend hours grooming, be a triathlete, a CEO and Martha Stewart all at once to be a success.

I admit, I read cook books. I don't know if it's weird. It's one of those things... like saying, "I always pee myself when I laugh!!!" People look at you with horror, when you thought you were stating a totally normal fact. I read cook books and dream of amazing home cooked meals. I fantasize that I will come home from work every day and make a juicy pot roast, a luscious whole roasted chicken, or a perfectly glazed meatloaf with decadently frosted chocolate cake or a fruit pie with home made crust for dessert. In reality, I throw a lasagna from freezer to oven or dump some pre-washed lettuce into a bowl and open a can of tuna and call it a salad. If I'm feeling particularly gourmet I will put bread and cheese in the grilled cheese maker and pat myself on the back for "really cooking."

Let's face it - by the time I wake up, drag my ass to the gym, work and get home through rush hour traffic, I've been in constant motion for thirteen hours!! Who is going to make a frikkin pot roast by that time?! I guess a girl can dream...

And now onto another random thought of perfection and time management. At home French manicures... I love a French.. I think they are classy and always appropriate. I work in one of those jobs where I'm TECHNICALLY not supposed to do my nails and I never feel like I'm crossing a line when I have a French going on. One of my favorite combinations is OPI's Princessess Rule!! with white tips. I love Princesses, but I feel like it is lacking something when I wear it alone.

Oh, but doing your own French manicure... I don't know if I am alone in this or not, but I'm pretty sure they're impossible. I've tried the kits with the incredibly annoying strips that you put on, paint and peel off. I don't think I've gotten them on straight once and if I do manage, it bleeds underneath. Then there are those white nail polish "pens" made specifically to help you with the annoying task of drawing perfect white tips. Sometimes, I do the first nail and I know immediately that it's a bad idea. Those days are good, because you can wipe the one tip off and keep your polish. Other days, I do my entire left hand, think that my some miraculous intervention I've suddenly been given the skill of straight line drawing and then I move on to my right hand and I realize I am horribly mistaken. This turns out to be a horrible embarrassment.

Today I've managed to make my nails passable (for one day anyways), but it's just not the same. Maybe I need to think of investing in some gels again...?

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