Sunday, June 13, 2010

Take It or Leave It?

What do you do when you desperately feel like writing a blog post but it's three am and you're a little drunk? You do a Take It or Leave It (aka In and Out). These are easy and moderately mindless and really enjoyable to read!


Highlighters - I've been obsessed with highlighters (a la Nars' Albatross) lately. I think the slightest touch of shimmer on your cheeks is oh so flattering. Which leads me to the next...

Dewy Skin - Normally I'm all about the flawless skin... not completely matte but I wouldn't say dewy either. Now that the hot months have returned and I tend to sweat off my make up I've (luckily) realized that I love the dewy look! I've been slapping on nothing but a light tinted moisturizer and I think it makes me look healthier. My skin tone is still even, but I look a lot more natural.

Metallics - I'm loving the metallics out this season. Nails, shoes, make up, all of it. I'm really loving the Lorac trio I picked up recently. BEAUTIFUL!

Floral and Feminine - This part of fashion right now is my fave. I love soft feminine clothing that screams, "I'm a girl! You can't wear this!" There's something sexy about being thought of as a woman.


Almost All the Rest of Fashion - OK That's not entirely true. I'm loving the rocker bits (in small amounts) but NOT loving the giant prints, nauticals, and everything else that's going on in fashion right now.

Teal Eyeshadow - Teal looks terrible on me. It washed me out and makes me look like I have the flu. Not really what I'm going for.

All of my Friends Being Pregnant - Yes I'm happy for them, but I'm not necessarily happy for our friendships!

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  1. completely agree with you about highlighters- i've been obsessed lately!

    love your blog! subscribed to you now :)