Monday, January 2, 2012

Welcome 2012

     I have to admit, 2011 was somewhat lacking in the excitement department. A few close friends got married, but no real life changing events happened to me. I am really hoping that 2012 brings something more notable. After almost six years with the SO I am hoping that I get a ring sometime this year (although I have to say I don't hold my hopes too high on this one). But, a girl can dream. Along with some personal goals, I've made a few beauty goals I would like to share with you guys.

Make 2012 a reduced buy year.

     I fully admit that I hop willingly on to the limited edition/hyped product/it's new "I have to buy it now train." Thanks to this train I have more make up than I can ever use up in a life time. What I mean by a "reduced buy" is basically a no buy with the opportunity to grab something that REALLY captures my attention. I am allowed to repurchase any "staples" that I run out of (ie - it's possible my Benefit High Beam will run out this year, so I will be allowed to repurchase that). Any LE products that are REALLY unique to my collection and I will actually USE often can be put up for consideration. I'm not giving myself a number because I think if I tell myself I can have, say five products I will likely buy five products just to fill my self-imposed quota. So far nothing has really caught my eye besides the MAC for Iris Apfel lipstick in Flamingo and Zoya Fleck Effect collection. I'm going to swatch Flamingo in store and see if it really is different from all 24,783,874,738,958 pink lipsticks I own. And what that means for poor regular line products... NO! JUST NO!!!! It hurts me a little bit to say that this means Naked2 will be waiting until 2013. I have SO MANY eye shadows/blushes/highlighters/lipsticks/nail polishes/shower gels that I just DON'T need anymore until I've used some up. I'm hoping this resolution forces me to rediscover old favorites.

265 posts. Minimum.

     I am a terrible blogger. I blog. I forget to blog. I blog again and repeat. I love blogging. It makes me feel good inside, so why don't I do it more often? No idea. I guess life just gets busy and gets away from me. With the ability to blog from even my iPhone though, there is zero excuse. I don't even have to put make up on to blog (wayyyyy easier than YouTube). I'm hoping with the using of old (ok - ancient) products I will have a lot to post about. I will also keep trying to go with some of the themes I was using before I got attacked by the virus monster in December.

2012 is to be the year of the skin.

     Let's face it - it's nice when you can leave the house with no foundation. Good skin also makes make up look a lot nicer. I've often been really good about my skin care routine in the morning and not so good with it in the evening (BAD!!!) which has lead to me having dull blah problematic skin. I told myself I could purchase some of my favorite skin care products and my Clarisonic if I broke this habit - So far I've done fairly well (I've also promised myself some Exfolikate on Black Friday if I keep it out throughout the year). I do already have some HG skin care products, but everything else I feel fairly MEH about. But, I will make sure to post about ALL of the skincare products I try (as well as my Clarisonic once I've used it for awhile).

     Those are all of my beauty resolutions. I look forward to making 2012 an amazing year!!!

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